Micropascal has recorded for Danish and international classical labels with more than 200 album releases globally.


Editing and mastering is an art form in itself.

Digital editing has revolutionised music post-production by making precision and creativity possible to a degree that was previously impossible to achieve.


Micropascal has in-depth knowledge of the best recording venues as well as extensive acoustic experience recording in them.

We can provide advice and consulting services right from the time you choose your recording venue.

The company’s technical

framework consists of a fully

equipped mobile studio and

a mastering studio that together provide a customized set-up for classical

‘on location’ recordings

capable of handling anything from a simple stereo recording to a multi-track choral and orchestral production.


Whenever the acoustic quality of a recording is of vital importance, Micropascal offers the best in both technology and expertise

– whether it is a natural reproduction of a concert or a recording of an outstanding performance.


Micropascal has extensive recording experience with a wide range of artists.

With a network comprising both Danish and international musicians, the recordings range from operas and oratorios to symphony music to chamber music of any kind.


”A highly skilled and sensitive producer with a rare and delicate sense of voice and its reproduction […] a singer couldn’t be in better hands.”

[ Gitta-Maria Sjöberg, Opera soloist ]

Mejsevej 4, 3400 Hillerød, Denmark

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